Seedensoul // 1999

In late 1998, while still in school, I formed the folk-rock group Seedensoul with Jason Loughlin, David Hunscher, Jonathan Ward and Michael Robbins. We finished our self-titled debut album in May, 1999 and played a series of gigs in the NYC-area. Not long after the completion of the album, however, members of the group decided to pursue other interests, and by fall of that year, Seedensoul had disbanded.

In early 2010, I worked with mastering engineer Garrett Haines of Treelady Studio, Turtle Creek, PA on a remaster of the 1999 release.

1. Leave the Books Behind
Why Go Anywhere (Else)?
3. In Love
4. Haunted
5. Dance with the Dead
6. Undying Love
7. Everyday
8. Sitting Beside a Giant
9. Sound on the Mountain
10. The Train Song

Released: June 1, 1999
Re-Released: April 24, 2010

Robert Oakes: vocals, acoustic guitar,
bass, percussion, bamboo flute, synth
Jason Loughlin: electric and acoustic
guitar, mandolin, vocals and dobro
David Hunscher: bass and vocals
Jonathan Ward: drums and vocals
Michael Robbins: violin and viola
Dan Patak: percussion

All songs written by Robert Oakes (BMI).
Recorded and mixed by Max Caselnova
at Clearcut Recording Studio, Garfield, NJ
Except "in Love," recorded and mixed by Jim Shagawat.
Mastered by Garrett Haines at Treelady Studios, Turtle Creek, PA