Oakes & Smith // The School Session EP // 2011

In May, 2011, Kate Smith and I, along with pianist Zack Cross, were invited to the Pomfret School in Pomfret, Connecticut to help the students there learn recording techniques. We left that session with tracks for four songs, which we finished with Justin Hillman at his home studio. We then released these four songs as The School Session EP.

1. Stay True
2. Being Broken
3. First Flight
4. By the Ocean

Released: August 8, 2011

Robert Oakes: vocals, guitar
Katherine Smith: vocals
Zack Cross: piano
Justin Hillman: guitar

Recorded live at Pomfret School, Pomfret, CT, May 16, 2011.

Engineered by Tim Peck with Brian Mullen, Jake Lans, Derek Deboer,
TJ Deary, Matt Bourdeau and Cormac Dennehy.

Guitar overdubs added by Justin Hillman at First Mark Music, Richmond, MA.
Mixed and mastered by Justin Hillman.

Stay True, First Flight and By the Ocean written by Robert Oakes (BMI).
Being Broken written by Robert Oakes and Katherine Smith.